Frequently Asked Questions

Waterlink is a technology platform that enables quick and easy booking of water tankers all through the year. We are a water delivery company.

Waterlink has direct access to numerous water repositories and also operates a large fleet of tankers in varying capacities to deliver water. We ensure a hasslefree process where our customers don’t have to bargain over prices with water tanker providers.

Currently, Waterlink services Karachi and its surrounding areas. We plan to expand our operations to other cities soon.

Registration and Orders

All you have to do is sign up using your name, mobile number, email, and Voila! You’re all set. It’s THAT simple!

This helps us to save your addresses for scheduling the deliveries and to serve you in a better way. You don’t have to call the driver every time to explain to them the address, or letting them know about your availability time. Everything is automated because of one-time registration.

No, you can only place one order at a time.

Yes, you can cancel your current scheduled orders and reschedule it to another preferred time without any charges.

You can cancel your order before the tanker is en route to avoid penalty. You will be charged PKR 500 as a penalty if you cancel your order when the tanker is en route. You will be allowed to reschedule the delivery for another preferred time.

Yes, there is PKR 500 charges for cancellation, if the tanker is en route

You can reschedule or cancel the order. You could delegate another person, at the storage point, to accept the delivery on your behalf on that particular day. You will be notified on the Waterlink app regarding the delivery and completion of the water tanker.

Yes, you can add multiple addresses and also book for others

You will be duly notified within our in-app notifications regarding the arrival of the water tanker.

No, additional waiting time is currently not chargeable.

Yes, you can book tankers on public holidays.

Once you log in from our app, you can choose the date of the water tanker delivery and an available time slot, that is convenient for you.

Payments and Rates

Yes, Cash on Delivery is available.